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Awana is an international Christian organization founded in 1950. The mission of Awana is to help reach kids, equip leaders and change the world for God.

Awana classes are conducted every Wednesday, from 6pm to 7:30pm and is hosted by the Wesleyan Free Methodist Church.

The program is supported by the Wesleyan Free Methodist Church, Madoc Baptist and Madoc Pentecostal Church. On average, 60 children from the community attend Awana on a weekly bases. Classes are focused on learning about God, his love and his word in a fun, educational environment.  

Awana consists of five groups of Ministry They are as follows:

Puggles is a children's program for two and three year olds that present the basic bibical concepts through teaching cards, activities, music and games.

Cubbies is for children ages four to five. They learn about God, his greatness of love and his word. They also learn about Jesus, the savior.

Sparks consists of three handbooks curated for children from kindergarden age to grade two.  Each handbook builds a foundation of biblical wisdom through memory verse drills, crafts and activities.

Truth and Training
Truth and Training teaches third and fourth graders that Salvation in Christ is the ultimate adventure. They learn the bible is true, and that they can believe in what it says. Children memorize bible verses that back up answers to their questions, and complete a short booklet that explains God's plan of Salvation.

Trek is a three year program for middle school aged children. It challenges students to wrestle with questions they feel are important, and search the scriptures to discover what they believe in.

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