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Cory is from Madoc, Ontario and has spent the past two years in Kiev Ukraine. Cory has been working hard leading Chi Alpha Kiev, and mentoring students through small ​groups, and weekly services. Cory is involved in a number of different outreaches including English clubs, and different events. Cory has a vision is to transform the lives of students, and young adults in Ukraine. That they would be spirit filled, and experience the love of Jesus, as they transition into adulthood. Throughout Cory’s time in Ukraine he has seen God’s hand at work in the lives of young adults and is excited to see what God has in store for Chi Alpha Kiev.

After completing his first year at Masters College and seminary, Cory travelled to Ukraine for a three-month internship with ICA the international church in Kiev. After three amazing months of youth, and young adults’ ministry Cory returned to Kiev, and spent two years working alongside Aaron and Katya Pilon reaching University campuses. 

Chi Alpha
Mission to Kiev, Ukrane

Cory Gilmour
Missionary in the Ukrane


From Madoc Pentecostal Church

Now that the Pilon’s are returning to Canada, Cory will be continuing the work the Pilon’s started in Ukraine reaching the university campuses leading Chi Alpha Kiev. He had studied and become fluent in Russian, and will be spending another two years in the mission field, outreaching in the Ukrane.

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