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Impact India

MINISTRY FOCUS: I minister in a region of India where the population has almost reached 12 million with only 7% adhering to Christianity. So many needs exist within this region where thousands are impoverished. These men and women need willing supporters to not only come alongside them in their walk, but also provide them the tools to care for themselves and their families.

With these sobering facts in hand, I pastor a local church, which has planted three other congregations in communities surrounding Chennai. I seek to provide training for local pastors, equipping them to shepherd their congregations with excellence. I carry out key evangelistic activities in the area, alongside local pastors.

I also oversee a program called “Women Helping Widows”, where women in Canada can support a widow in India for just $10 a month. I also manage after school tutoring for at-risk children and a sewing school for women, free of charge, called “New Beginnings Learning Centre”, whereby women can learn to sew to provide for their families.


Missionary Prasad Samson

To keep up with the work Prasad is doing, visit his PAOC webpage:

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